A Day In Dev Life: Resolving Float Note Issues, Working with Clients, and Sunny Weather

A Day In Dev Life: Resolving Float Note Issues, Working with Clients, and Sunny Weather

Started today by posting yesterday's blog. During the day I write small pieces and take screenshots so I can turn it into a blog later. At the end of the day I am often too tired though and have little energy and enthusiasm to wrap it up. So then I try to do as little social media as possible, because that is not good energy. I often don't feel like doing it then either. But the morning on the other hand. The morning and afternoon I am often a little too active and enthusiastic for most πŸ˜‚.

Float Note CTA

Anyway, I wanted to go straight to the gym but got drawn into my work. I realized that I want and need some kind of CTA so that people will want to try out my app. So I created that.

Then I went to my dad's and trained shoulders/apps in the gym. Uh I mean abs 😁.

Double Indicator Bug

After the gym I went out into the sunshine in town and fixed a bug that caused a double indicator, the advantage of using the app itself a lot is that you quickly find out about bugs. The downside is also that you always tend to fix those bugs immediately. I have committed myself to focus mainly on the marketing and operations of Float Note in the coming time, but my hands are burning to make some improvements so I can do my own work more finely as well. Pure self-interest πŸ˜‚.

Client Work

Started surveying work for one of my clients' Flutter web portal. It's going to be mostly CRUD work and some logic in Cloud Functions. My role on this job was originally going to be to build the entire application, but due to circumstances I've taken on more of a lead role. That means more refining and QA and less building myself. I obviously used my template for the set up. Currently you can just login into the app, today I made some tickets to develop the first part with the rest of the team. Also made a rough hour estimate.

Gypsy Programming

After a delicious sandwich, I moved myself to a park. After being diagnosed with ADHD, I started to educate myself on exactly what that means. That's how I learned a lot about myself and how I work best. I like to change locations a lot. I don't last well in the same place for long, after an hour or 2/3 I get restless and find it considerably harder to concentrate. That's why I do very poorly in an office space. My employers en people I work with know this of me. In recent years, I have been fortunate to work with people who understand this and give me the space to arrange my day so that I perform at my best, even if it is sometimes a bit unconventional.

The weather was lovely and I was able to get a lot done. Started with posting some content and then took the plunge and started fixing some bugs and implementing improvements. One simple improvement I've been thinking about for a while is the new search screen. The current one works great but can get rather cramped even on mobile, with such a large keyboard in view. I would therefore like to reduce the size of the search results so it’s more user-friendly.

And - and - while we're at it. I thought of this in the sandwich store today. When you open Skuddy and Poker, it opens right into search mode. It shouldn't work that way, letting the user select between spaces and todos is much more user friendly. That's how I had it in mind at first too, but then I started with the search functionality and somehow blindly copied it.

Scheduling & Poker - Bugs & Improvements

Once home I started working on it but found out that there was another bug in the search functionality. The tags that did nothing at certain times. Almost never actually. I had turned this off because there was a bug in it, then never turned it on again. Very clever.

Then started improving what I came up with in the sandwich store. I am writing this at 00:15 and things are going great as you can see.

The same kind of logic is also reused for the poker part so that saves time. It worked out for me in the end. Now you don't have to use the search functionality directly if you don't want to but rather just navigate and select as you are used to with the projects page.

I am starting to yawn a lot by now and there is a lot to do tomorrow. I have been so absorbed in Float Note that unfortunately I have not been able to spend time on the Gemini contest. Prioritizing a little better tomorrow. The goal tomorrow is to throw the minor improvements into a release and get that out the door. Then some marketing stuff and a few hours on the Gemini project.

πŸ‘‹ About me: I am an independent app developer with ADHD and the creator of Float Note. Float Note is an ADHD power tool that helps busy minds live an organized and stress-free life. Features include an AI planning tool, priority poker and a unique mechanism to quickly capture and organize the many thoughts and ideas we have on a daily basis.

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Stay focused πŸ€™

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