A Day In Dev Life: Public Roadmap & Google Gemini

A Day In Dev Life: Public Roadmap & Google Gemini

Floatnote.app Development & Google Gemini Contest

I’m struggling a little bit to determine the best move right now. Is it setting up ASO, is it creating reels, shorts and TikToks for ads. Is it fixing some bugs / creating new features and documenting the journey. Is it influencer marketing, using the coupon system I just build? Is it setting up FeatureBase? It’s a lot of questions and things to do 😂. I love it though, but it’s a bit stressful. Luckily I have Float Note’s Skuddy and Priority Poker to help me out 😉.

📲 FeatureBase

I spent most of my time setting up FeatureBase and refining roadmap items today. It allows Float Note users to see and vote on items on the roadmap, see the changelog and provide feedback. The idea is to put major features on the roadmap and make a new release as soon as it is ready. Improvements and bug fixes will be released along with the release or sooner, depending on the situation.

🔗 Roadmap: feedback.floatnote.app/roadmap

🔗 Changelog: feedback.floatnote.app/changelog

Roadmap Items

The first four roadmap items are adding durations, adding durations to Snooze, using voice recording in the popup inbox and natural language processing. I love that last one, which I used often when I was still using SkedPal. Saves so much time. I guess, as long as we’re still typing stuff.

🐛 Bug fixes

I spent my evening fixing some bugs for the iOS subscriptions and improving the recurring tasks. Initially I had added a small header to show the recurring tasks in their own place, but I found that it made things a bit chaotic. The idea originally came up when there were no indicators on the tasks themselves, which there are now. So away with it. It looks cleaner right away.

♊️ Google Gemini Competition

So I decided to enter the Google Gemini Competition. I'm actually too busy for it, but if I spend about 2 hours a day on it, I should be able to get it up and running before the deadline. I also read a lot about Firebase's GenKit today, looks promising for my idea. I was saying to a friend of mine it must not be a coincidence that these things are all announced at the same time.

I made the first sketches and started the project. Am now configuring the components of my template correctly and then I can start with the login part. Standard stuff I've set up many times before, it’s not that hard but you have to take your time for it.

I ended up getting the project up and running, always a good sign. For the contest. For the contest, I want to use Material because it's a Google contest, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I've been playing around with the theme generator on Themes and I just can't seem to configure something I'm happy with. I should probably go to bed, tomorrow is a new day.

Good night.

👋 About me: I am an independent developer with ADHD and the creator of Float Note. Float Note is an ADHD power tool that gives busy minds the ability live a stress free life. Features include an AI scheduling tool, priority poker and unique mechanism to quickly capture and organize the many thoughts and ideas we have on a daily base.

🎫 It would mean the world to me if you gave it a try and let me know what you think through one of my socials. You can try it for free for 7 days and when the time comes, use code “DEVLIFEOFBRIAN” to get 50% off your subscription for life.

📲 Download it here or click the link in my bio (Android/iOS/web) ➡️ floatnote.com/download

Thank you for reading this far 🫡 stay focused 🤙.

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