ASO Insights From An ADHD Indie App (Developer)

ASO Insights From An ADHD Indie App (Developer)

I learn something new every day. Especially now that I'm doing a lot of marketing. It's a subject I have a pretty good feel for (I think), but of course that doesn't get me very far. There is so much to learn, especially in the more specific area of app marketing.

Fo(u)r Problems, One App

After realizing that I needed to focus more on the problems I solve for my target audience, I came up with a new subtitle. Float Note solves four major problems for my target audience: too many thoughts, trouble organizing, feeling overwhelmed, and staying focused. After my little eureka moment, I decided to implement drastic changes. But not before I created a super cool logo and sticker (blame the impulsive ADHD, why a sticker, yeah I think it's cool and I had to make it at that point). After that I started the serious work: updating my app store presence.


An important part of app marketing is using the right keywords. These keywords should be reflected as much as possible in the title, subtitle and description of your app. I started asking myself what my ideal user is looking for in the app store when they are looking for a solution to the problems I am solving. That's how I came up with the following collection.

  • ADHD

  • Tool

  • Task

  • Manager

  • Organizer

  • Focus

  • Productivity

  • Todo

  • Tasks

  • Time

  • Tracker

  • Planner

  • Management

  • Reminder

  • Routine

  • Concentration

  • Ideas

  • Idea

  • Clarity

  • Automation

  • Scheduler

  • Pomodoro

What I'm not 100% clear on is whether a combination of keywords counts as 1 keyword. For example, is "time tracker" a keyword or should I list them separately? I know that I can search for combined words with my ASO tools. But for now, it doesn't really matter anyway because the goal of this list is to use as many of these words as possible, combined or not, in the new titles, subtitles, and descriptions.

Four Problems, Many Keywords

Below is the result. First, I try to clearly describe what problems I am solving and for whom. I then explain how we do that and close with a call to action. Using as many keywords as possible to get my message across. If you have any tips, improvements or comments. Please let me know!! All feedback is appreciated.


Float Note: ADHD Power Tool


Fo(u)r ADHD Problems, One App · Capture Thoughts, Organize Tasks & Keep Focus

iOS Keywords


Android/iOS Description

Float Note tackles four common ADHD problems: too many thoughts, trouble organizing, feeling overwhelmed, and staying focused.

Problem 1: Too Many Thoughts

Our ADHD minds are constantly flooded with new thoughts and ideas. Float Note has a unique task capture mechanism built in that appears every time you open the app, allowing you to capture your thoughts right away without having to worry about organizing them immediately. You can do your task management later, at your own convenience.

Problem 2: Trouble Organizing

Once we're able to capture our many thoughts and ideas throughout the day, problem 2 arises. How do we organize that big pile of potential greatness we just recorded? Inbox Wizard to the rescue. We created a unique wizard tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently sort and organize all your new tasks into spaces, projects and todo lists. Organizing your life, tasks, and ideas has never been faster.

Problem 3: Feeling Overwhelmed

Once we have everything structured and organized, we realize how much work it is going to take. We become paralyzed; so much to do, so little time. We spend what little time we have doing nothing, and with a little luck we get caught up in one of our weekly episodes of task paralysis. But no more! Skuddy 2.0, our most advanced AI planning tool, has you covered. Our planning tool determines your most important tasks based on the selection of spaces and todos you tell it to work on. Once we have your schedule structured, organized and ready to go, you can add your human touch by playing a game of Priority Poker. A simple but innovative game that pits tasks against each other for that highly desired first spot of importance. We call it automated scheduling with a human touch.

Problem 4:

And last but not least. Once we get going, it's hard to stay focused unless we're able to put ourselves in a state of hyperfocus. Fear no more restless child, our Pomodoro Timer with Productive Breaks (Choredoros) makes staying focused fun and easy! Including background sounds, shiny indicators and the innovative concept of "Choredoros". Choredoros are small tasks that you write down to do during your Pomodoro breaks. Perfect for people with ADHD who find anything that does not give them the slightest dopamine hit extremely difficult to start. But when we have a 5 minute deadline, any task becomes a (5 minute) walk in the park for us.

To complement these ADHD task management tools, we have a few more innovative productivity tools up our sleeves that you might like.


You can use these labels to categorize spaces and todo lists together. Useful for searching and quick input when using our AI scheduling tools.

Time Tracking:

If you are someone that needs to track their time spent on tasks, enable our time tracking. We then start a daily timer when you start working on your tasks. When you complete a task, the time spent on that task will automatically be time tracked. At the end of the day, you can visit the Time Tracking page to see all the tasks you completed that day as well as their durations. Our time tracking editing tools allow you to quickly align them to a preferred time block, round their durations, and copy them to your clipboard to use as you wish.

If you ever get confused about where you put a task or todo list, use our global search feature. It deeply scans your tasks, spaces and to-do lists, letter by letter, and presents them to you in a structured and organized way. This ensures that you can find and retrieve any task, at any time, with the tap of a button.

Float Note is being developed by people with ADHD on a mission to eliminate all the problems people with ADHD commonly face when trying to live an efficient and productive life. We believe that ADHD is a superpower if you know how to channel it correctly. We help you do that. Download Float Note today and get ready to take control of your thoughts, organize your life, and stay focused like never before.

ASO Fingers Crossed

I hope this will have a positive effect on my ASO score. I've done my best for now. I know it's at least a lot better than the plain old "this is what my app does" description I had before.We'll see how it goes! Fingers crossed. Next up, Float Note guides and landing pages!

PS: If you’re interested in becoming a tester for my app you can apply here. Both Android and iOS have an open beta where I push updates early and regularely to get your valueable feedback. You can find a changelog, roadmap and give feedback all through the wonderful solution of Featurebase, right here.

About me: I’m an independent app developer with ADHD and the creator of Float Note, an app that tackles four common ADHD challenges: too many thoughts, trouble organizing, feeling overwhelmed, and staying focused.

It would mean a lot to me if you gave my app a try and let me know what you think through one of my socials. You can try it for free for 7 days and when the time comes, use code 🎫 “DEVLIFEOFBRIAN" to get 70% off your subscription for life. A gift for only a chosen few that read my blog 🙏.

📲 Download it here or click the link in my bio (Android/iOS/web) ➡️

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